Technical Information

Complete technical information including drawings are available for download at the end of this page.

Theatre Specifications

  • Stage width at proscenium: 49'0" (drapery set to 40’ opening)
  • Stage height at proscenium: 24'0" (center), 18'0" (sides)
  • Stage depth from back wall to: curtain line- 29'0" apron edge- 31'8"
  • Wing dimensions: stage left- 18'0" wide stage right- 21'0"
  • Stage floor: Hardwood maple painted with flat black Rosco Tough Prime
  • Back stage crossover: 3'9" (this reduces usable stage depth to 25'3" from curtain line)
  • Orchestra pit: 7'0" below stage floor
  • Orchestra pit width (L to R): 28'3" (Upstage) To 36' 0" (Downstage)
  • Orchestra pit depth (U to D): 19'O" (Sides) and 23'8" (CS)
  • (From nose of stage: 16'0" - 3'0" (Sides) and 16'0" - 7'8" (CS)
  • Orchestra pit access: via spiral staircases stage right and left
  • Drapery: 5 sets- Legs: 12’ x 22’ Borders: 60’ x 10’
  • White cyclorama: 60’ x 19’ , Black back drop: 60’ x 22’ Midstage traveller: 55’ x 22’
  • Black sharkstooth scrim: 60’ x 18’
  • Main Curtain: Traveller style operating from stage left or flyrail, rose in colour
  • Fly System: 16 single purchase sets (downstage), 16 double purchase sets (upstage)
  • System is counter weighted operating ftom stage left

All lines clear to 44 feet. Stage is at street level, no obstructions or turns from loading door opening onto upstage left



  • 500A, 120V- 3 Phase Cam-Lok disconnect down stage left (with optional isolated grnd)
  • 100A, 120V- 3 Phase Cam-Lok disconnect up stage right ( with optional isolated grnd)
  • One Stove Plug available from Cam-Lok disconnect Stage Right

Dressing Rooms

  • 7 rooms with a capacity of 44 people
  • Dressing room area has: showers, toilets, sinks, adequate lights, tables
  • Rehearsal Hall: Floor surface - sprung hardwood maple finished with clear urethane
  • Dimensions: 43'6" x 27'0"
  • Proximity to stage: 20' with 2 corners

Additional Information

Stage can be extended into the house available in 8', 12', 16' or pit cover (4' to 6' depending on curve of pit). We currently have used over 25 different stage extension configurations, each blocking a different amount of seating. Please call to discuss any special needs prior to tickets going onsale so the correct seats can be held. Stairs from stage to the auditorium on both sides

Note: All stage and show personnel must enter the facility from the stage door on Darling street. Pyrotechnic effects MUST be demonstrated to and approved by the Technical Director and Fire Marshal prior to the first performance. These effects must be fired by a licensed technician.
Open flame such as candles or flash-paper also require advance approval. Please contact us at least 45 days prior to event to apply for fire department approval.
Lagging or screwing into the stage floor is NOT permitted.


Complete house lighting, sound and staging inventories are included in the Technical Package available for download.


All technical personnel are supplied by IATSE Local 129. Please take note of the following rules regarding labor calls:

  1. Crews may work a maximum of four (4) hours without a break.
  2. For periods over four (4) hours crews must receive one (1) hour meal break.
  3. If the meal break is shorter than one hour, a meal must be provided for the entire crew, paid for by the renter. Meal breaks shorter than 1 hour are paid, and must be at least thirty (30) minutes uninterrupted.
  4. You cannot request specific crewmembers; the crew are scheduled based on seniority.

Please contact our Technical Director with any specific questions regarding staffing.

Technical documents are available for download.