Renting the Sanderson Centre

In addition to the professional programming offered by the Sanderson Centre, the theatre is available for rental to community organizations, individuals and commercial renters.

The Sanderson Centre is a fully equipped venue ideal for any type of function from 2 to 1,125 people with sophisticated lighting and sound equipment, four meeting areas and a main auditorium with 1,125 seats. This historic theatre makes an unforgettable setting for concerts, photographs, ceremonies, receptions, anniversary parties, family reunions, meetings and seminars.

Rental Requests

All rental requests for bookings within the next 12 months will be handled on a first-come first-served basis. Contact the theatre manager for available dates.

For events taking place more than 12 months in the future, the theatre has adopted a policy to ensure priority is given to local organizations and provides returning renters with a first right of refusal to renew their rental dates.

Under this rental policy, requests are collected by August 15 of each year for bookings in the July to June period of the following year.

These requests must be made in writing on the form available for download on this page or available from the Theatre's administrative office. Forms must be delivered to the Sanderson Centre by fax, mail or hand-delivered by August 15. All requests received during this period will be fulfilled according to the priorities listed below.

Rental categories in priority order:

  1. Organizations/individuals operating in Brantford
  2. Organizations/individuals operating in Brant County
  3. Organizations/individuals operating outside of Brantford and Brant County
  4. Organizations with a balance past due to the Sanderson Centre, organizations who's bills have gone to collections anytime in the previous three years, or organizations that have cancelled their events within the thirty day cancellation period within the previous three years.

All requests within each category will be processed prior to dealing with the next category. In the case of more than one organization requesting the same dates or times, preference will go to the renter that has booked the similar dates in the previous year. Similar dates refer to a specific date, a specific placement of dates, or religious holidays whose date may change from year to year.

Ex. November 11, first Friday and Saturday of February, Easter

If all alternate dates listed on the form are not available, the renter will be contacted by the Sanderson Centre to make alternate booking arrangements. If the renter cannot be contacted within three business days, the Sanderson Centre can, at their discretion, proceed with fulfilling booking requests from other categories of renters.

The Sanderson Centre will schedule the requests during the month of August and renters will be notified as their request is processed, by mid-September at the latest.

Peak demand periods:

During peak demand periods such as April through June, the Sanderson Centre reserves the right to limit the number of days available for each renter in order to better provide access to the facility.

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