We are a dance studio that performances at six venues a year and we have been in business for 29 years. We get to travel in the states (Florida, New York, Michigan, Las Vegas) and all over Ontario and Quebec. I must compliment your facility, it is the best venue that we have ever visited. But most of all your backstage help and your ushers are like no other we have encountered. You should be so proud of your staff!!! They were so accommodating this weekend with our props which we used on the stage and they were so supportive with everyone of our needs. Congratulations on the wonderful job your doing at the theatre and to your professional personnel. Our parents cannot stop complimenting you enough on your fantastic facility and your distinguished staff. Thanks for a wonderful weekend.  Jerry Kay, Dimensions in Dance, Kitchener, Ontario

It has been our extreme pleasure to partner with the Sanderson Centre on a number of levels over the past two years including hosting an Intrigue TV, advertising and community sponsorship. Glenn, Marlene and Liz work closely together with their team to deliver world class service, not only to their patrons but also to sponsors and suppliers. As a proud sponsor of the theater, Intrigue Media has benefited through the exposure of our brand on lobby TV's, in the season brochure, in the playbill and on-line. More importantly Dale and I have made new friends and connected with local business people while enjoying fantastic performances and attending theater events. Sponsoring our community through supporting The Sanderson Centre has been a truly rewarding experience for Intrigue Brantford; We highly recommend it as a way for any small business to give back to their local economy and build community. Our special thanks to Marlene Sharpe who was instrumental in forging our relationship, you're the best Marlene! Stella Johnson Partner  Intrigue Media 

On behalf of myself and John Dimon, thank you for a wonderful time at the Sanderson Centre today. All of your staff, crew, and everyone associated with production today did a fabulous job of ensuring that our show went off today without a glitch, and at a truly world-class level.   You all make it so easy, pleasant and fulfilling.  The quality and ease of working with your crew is in such stark contrast to some other theatres that I've worked in recently, where disdain, superiority complexes, poor organization and rookies with tin ears make getting even a basic acceptable level of quality a tooth-gritting and frustrating experience. The Sanderson Centre just keeps getting better, and each time when I leave the theatre at the end of the day, I say to myself how much I appreciate all of you.  And each time it's better than the last. Ross  Wooldridge

I would like to thank you for helping us put on the  best showcase that we have ever had. Your facility is beautiful and all of your staff were amazing. Melanie Molnar, Elite Dance Showcase

The Sanderson is an incredible venue to hear in and to play in. For years I had the privilege of playing there with the Brantford School of Instrumental Music  and our Sunday Serenades. It was as close as an amateur can come to feeling like he was on the big stage in front of a real audience. It was always a treat for me and I still love to go there. Bob Birkett

"Brantford just doesn't realize the quality of the entertainment that we are getting at the Sanderson Centre. This was confirmed yet again for me when I stupidly saw a concert at the ACC last week. As soon as the headliner came out people were on their feet blocking my view. I wanted to relax and watch the show. I was way at the back so you can't see anything by standing. I asked for them to be seated the people rudely refused. When I complained to staff they said that they can only make people sit at Hockey and Baseball games. I saw Chantel Miguel at the Sanderson last year and they were the BEST concerts I ever went to right here in BRANTFORD! Did I mention the sound quality of both? INCREDIBLE. I would give my left arm for a tour of the sound system and the sound engineer that makes it happen."
Ken Shipman - Patron

"S. C. Johnson and Son, Ltd is proud to be the Family and Community Sponsor for the Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts, and we appreciate their continued efforts to bring Culture and Arts to the Brantford Community." S. C. Johnson and Son, Ltd - Brantford, Ontario

"Yes, the Sanderson Centre, for my money, is right up there with the New York Palace and the London Palladium in the theatre world." Red Buttons

"I had the pleasure of performing at the Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts for the first time on Valentines Day, 2008. What a great experience it was. The theatre is spectacular, I had no idea how beautiful and historic it was. The painstaking attention to detail in the renovation is remarkable, especially the painted ceiling. Everyone was beyond professional, the sound, lights, theatre manager and all the crew were great to us and a pleasure to work with. A special thank you to the volunteers who gave their time to make the evening such a success. The audience was wonderful, very supportive and appreciative of our Flamenco show. We can't wait to come back! Jorge Miguel - The Jorge Miguel Flamenco Ensemble