Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts presents the SC Johnson Community Series

The Sanderson Centre works with community organizations on special events throughout the year. With the support of SC Johnson, a portion of tickets for each School and Family Series event is provided free to schools served by Neighbourhood Hubs and clients of member agencies of the Brant United Way.

SC Johnson Family Series:

Brace Yourself Sunday October 6 7:00 PM
Brantford's own Debra Brown has assembled a stellar celebration in two acts - a fun-filled cocktail of circus, dance and live music to celebrate this special anniversary. Her show features members of Zacada Circus and Jordan Muir, world hacky sack champion, plus fabulous Cirque Du Soleil alumni, including Dominic Dagenais, the world's only trampoline flipping guitarist, and contortionist Lisbeth Mikoleit. Musicians Brent Titcomb, Jennifer Langton, Grindl Kuchirka, Pierre Laurendeau will be on hand to enliven the evening. Even now, more special guests are coming on board to enhance this special event. In addition, accomplished local dancers and musicians will join us onstage in style to celebrate the past 100 years. And as if this wasn't enough, Debra is also importing her flying dance experience from her world premiere Brace Yourself , a one-way ticket to a suspended reality with Captain Sterling and his crew, where gravity is a game and the passengers are willing players. You'll never look at flying the’s a trip of a lifetime, so bring a sandwich!

The Code Monday November 18 1:30 PM
After receiving backlash for instigating a student protest at her high school, Moira is initially supported by her best friends Simon and Connor. However, Simon’s support turns to anger after learning his feelings for Moira are not reciprocated. After leaking a humiliating video mash-up of Moira’s protest speech, Simon faces consequences out of his control. Green Thumb Theatre’s play for teens examines complex questions about friendship, accountability and consent.

Sesame Street Live! C is for Celebration Friday November 22 3:00 & 6:00 PM
Your friends from Sesame Street are throwing a celebration and the whole neighborhood is invited. Join in the excitement, laughter and music of Sesame Street Live! C is for Celebration.

Sing and dance along with Elmo. Marvel at Abby’s magical moments. Shake it up with Cookie Monster. Be amazed as Super Grover flies. And move to the music with Rosita.

Sesame Street Live! C is for Celebration is what friends, family and forever memories are all about!

Canada's Ballet Jörgen The Nutcracker: A Canadian Tradition Sunday December 8 7:30 PM
Holiday magic is made year after year by Canada’s Ballet Jörgen traditional treasure The Nutcracker: A Canadian Tradition. Created by acclaimed choreographer and Artistic Director Bengt Jörgen to Tchaikovsky’s well-loved score, this delightful classic is a favourite that brings magic to the holidays.

Canada’s Ballet Jörgen dances through the magnificent landscapes of Canada with stunning painted backdrops that highlight masterpieces by world-renowned Canadian landscape painters the Group of Seven. This Season join Klara on her magical Canadian dream-journey.

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