(Brantford, On)

 Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts presents

Pauly and the Goodfellas

Showtime:  Tuesday April 11 2:00 PM

Tickets:  $35.00

"The History of Rock And Soul" this is North America's Premier Musical Comedy Adventure…  A Baby Boomers, Zoomers Extravaganza ..

 They started in the 1950's Do Wop era reminiscent of the PBS TV series we are all so familiar with.  Pauly and The Goodfellas recreate that under the street lamp feeling of true a-cappella singing, it’s where it all began…

As we continue to move into that great golden age of Rock And Roll they will pay tribute to the greatest vocal groups of those generations The Drifters, The Coasters The Platters, Danny and The Juniors, Bill Haley and the Comets The Everly Brothers and many many more…  If You Liked, Sha Na Na, Happy Days, and American Graffiti, you will Love

"Pauly and The Goodfellas" and The History Of Rock And Roll.  Join their very special tribute to the incredible Four Seasons, with our Jersey Nights.

Then into the Motown Sounds The Beach boys, right through to the Blues Brothers The 1970's tribute to disco and Village People, and so much more. Fun, fast paced comedy musical dance party. 

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Telephone:  (519) 758-8090 or 1-800-265-0710

In person:  88 Dalhousie Street, Brantford


$5.00 eyeGO tickets are available for high school students with valid ID. $20.00 uGO tickets are available to university and college students with valid ID.


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