Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts presents

Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers “The Best Of” Tour

Tuesday March 6 7 7:00 PM

Tickets: $39.00

So, 35 years and what have the boys to show for all that? Well, whether they did anything worthy is a question posed by naysayers, detractors and navel gazers who ignored one of the longest career groups to ever come from Newfoundland, but forget them! Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers have played to literally hundreds of thousands of fans who (if not now perished) still support them.

Theirs is a legacy which began in 1983 and continues. From the formative engagements they played - the dart league dance in Bishops Falls Lions Club, the Kinsman Club dinner in Freshwater Placentia or the matinees and evening shows High School gymnasiums almost everywhere in the province their audience was built by engaging people from the stage.

The journey into soft seat theatres, through all the other provinces and territories of this country, over the course of 30+ years has been chronicled by 20 full two hour shows, each with mostly new and original material, most of that captured on 20 audio and five Video recordings. Through it all the audiences have shouted out favourites from their seats, requested them by letters, e-mails and notes passed backstage so that now there arises a show entirely of favourites from the past.

“The Best Of” show was demanded by you – the fans. If you didn’t get in on the polls, well hopefully there will be something in the show for you regardless, whether it’s Buddy going back to sing an operatic I’se the B’y, or Ray doing push-ups in the Chocolate Song. Shirley Tetford makes a reappearance, as does Patsy. The best songs, the best recitations, the best skits and characters, for more than 2 hours of the b’ys doing what they do best, entertaining you, their fans. Thanks for all the years of coming to our shows. Here’s to you.



Ray Johnson – now 70 years on has been playing accordion since he was 4 and fiddle since he was 8, back in the days when he was in demand to play for the dances and times, back when Newfoundland was a different place with a foot in a previous century, back when Newfoundland music had a different identity. Ray still brings that, he may be one of the few remaining truly original presenters of a more authentic traditional music, recitation and ballad. He’s also pretty funny when he’s let out.

Wayne Chaulk – now almost 70, well…on the back side of sixty anyway. He is the provinces troubadour, he remains one of the most prolific songwriters in the province and his songs have defined our culture in a lyrical way. He’s the Gerald Squires of song. He also writes a good whack of humour to feed Buddy. Given that he is productive with the managerial skills needed by the group they’ve saved a fortune. Also given that he’s about as sharp as any business man can be they’re’re fortunate!

Kevin Blackmore – Buddy Wasisname – top side of 60 but on the downward slope. When he’s not furiously trying to keep up with Ray for playing tunes, or with Wayne for writing humour, he’s satisfied to back up the boys for their great songs and music. He lends harmonies and grace lines to the melodies, sings a scattered song which tend to be left of centre. Other than that he’s completely loony and tends to leave people exhausted from laughing.

Byron Pardy – in 1999 he started playing with BWATOF and things have not been the same. He’s the bass player and a back-up singer. Then he talks tech with the guys hiding in black spaces in theatres and actually understands them. He acts as interpreter so that Ray, Wayne and Kevin don’t anger that sub-species of union worker called “theatre technician”.  Basically however he has improved the group’s music by about 800 percent, he’s a great arranger and perhaps the most sober musical influence of the four. If he hadn’t come along when he did Buddy would still be playing bass a scattered time, not a nice prospect. Looking back we don’t want to remember a time when he wasn’t there.


If you want to join the Buddy Wasisname facebook group, just look them up. It’s called “The Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers” group. There are over 17,000 of us all weighing in with matters that mostly are fan based.

To see their website go to www.buddywasisname.comIt allows you to see their touring schedule, to buy recordings and other merchandise, to read their posts or to contact them.

Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers music and song selections are available through “itunes” as well.

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