Sanderson Centre for the Performing Arts presents the

Classic Albums Live Series

Tickets: $40.00 each

Classic Albums Series Price:  $30.00

Classic Albums Live presents Rush – 2112 Thursday November 9 8:00 PM

2112 is the sound of young men becoming world class musicians. It was the album that echoed out of passing cars, school parking lots and Massey Hall. Rush were unusual. Early comparisons to Led Zeppelin didn’t stick. They were their own thing. 

Canada embraced Rush immediately. The rest of the world soon got on board and here in Toronto, we beamed about the hometown boys doing good. They became our goodwill ambassadors. We loved and love them.

While rehearsing the album - it quickly became apparent that we need more than a trio on deck. So we added two extra guitarists, a keyboard player, an orchestral percussionist and a standalone singer. It takes a small army of musicians to take on what the lads are capable of. We’ll be honour the legacy of Rush the only way we know how; note for note - cut for cut.

 Classic Albums Live presents Pink Floyd –The Wall  Friday December 8 8:00 PM

Remember when you used to listen to an entire album? Classic Albums Live does, Classic Albums Live will be performing Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' - note for note, cut for cut. "This is one of the greatest albums of all time," says series producer, Craig Martin. "We're going to great lengths to faithfully recreate every sound and every note. This is sacred music and we're going to pay this album the respect it deserves."

With countless shows across North America, CAL has seen unprecedented success with their live recreations of classic albums. "There's a real thirst to hear these albums performed in their entirety," says Martin. "I use only the greatest musicians and never pander to imitation or impersonation. All of our focus is put into the music. 'The Wall' is a massive piece of work and I'm bringing in a big band to nail it, including full orchestration and the Laura Secord Children's Choir. I want to ensure that this show is perfect. We don't take the 'note for note' credo lightly."

 Classic Albums Live presents Fleetwood Mac – Rumors Saturday February 10 8:00 PM

The very first track of the album, ‘Second Hand News’ lets you know that heartache awaits. Fleetwood Mac were the first ones to genuinely sing about the emotion and turmoil that comes from losing love. It’s not easy to confront ones vulnerabilities and then credibly put them to song. This was therapy for them. And it paid great.

Rumours is the hardest album for CAL to perform. That’s quite a statement. The arrangements aren’t that hard and the vocals don’t take off for crazy heights. But the sound, the feel, the absolute vibe of the album is tough to recreate. I wanted the band, all 12 of them, to move into a 3 bedroom house for a month to prepare for the album. But that didn’t fly, so we opted for a heavy amount of vocal rehearsal and many, many full band rehearsals. Everyone can rest now. We got it. We finally know how to perform this album.

I want the floorboards of   ADD VENUE to moan along with us on this album. I’d love to see the ushers singing along. Everyone in the audience has owned a format of this album. If ever there was a definition of a Classic Album - Rumours is it. Classic Albums Live is the modern day symphony. And we love you when we’re playing.

Classic Albums Live presents Led Zeppelin 1 Thursday May 17 8:00 PM

Every rock musician who picks up an instrument gravitates toward Led  Zeppelin. Every musician says they can play Zep. But most can't. There's an undefinable quality to their music. Once every couple of months, I stay up all night and comb the internet for bands that can play Led Zeppelin better than CAL. I never find anyone that comes close. 

I have put together the greatest Led Zeppelin band in the world. I can't believe my luck. I get to rock out with an audience of likeminded people. I can't think of anything better than being in a beautiful communal setting and reveling in one of the greatest albums ever made. 

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