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The Sanderson Centre produces four pieces of material that you have an opportunity to advertise in. Our season runs from October to May. We are confident that this is an excellent way to reach decision-makers and leaders with information about your company or organization, and trust that you will find an advertising option that suits your needs.

Group Sales Brochure
Group Sales Brochure (2,000 printed) is mailed out to over 1,000 group leaders and tour operators by the middle of April. It is distributed at all Travel/Trade, consumer, senior shows, social clubs, chamber events, schools and media. Tour Operators and Group Leaders also distribute the material to their clients. Profiles are distributed when sales staff do group sales missions in Ontario and border cities in the USA. If you are a business that would like to capture groups, this is the best way to market your business and save on marketing dollars.

Season Brochure
Season Brochure (40,000 and a second run of 10,000 in January) is produced by May of each year and is mailed out to over 20,000 patrons, distributed to all Ontario Tourism offices, all Chamber events, handed out to patrons who attend performances throughout the year, taken to all consumer, senior, Travel/Trade shows, sales missions, media, social clubs, schools and displayed at businesses throughout the county and surrounding area. It is also distributed by Brantford’s Tourism office on a regular basis.

These brochures are a valuable sales tool for tours, attractions, restaurants, hotels and services throughout the following year. It has been our experience that our patrons thoroughly read through these brochures, and look forward to receiving them each year. The Sanderson staff meets with customers on a weekly basis all year long and the brochures are always referred to as a starting point. We also use our brochures when beginning our working relationship with new clients.

The playbill (12,000) is the program that is handed out at each Sanderson Centre presents performances and selected rental events. The playbill contains information about the performance being attended. This piece is seen by thousands of patrons who are from the county and surrounding areas. The playbill is distributed from October to May with space deadline the end of August.

Ticket Stock
Sanderson Centre Ticket Stock (100,000) This is a great way to expose your business to ticket purchasers. Every time we sell a ticket for any event the ticket purchaser sees your business message. This is a cost-effective way to publicize your business and gives you the opportunity to develop promotions geared toward our audience. Deadline to advertise for this is April each year.

Ticket Jacket
Ticket Jacket (15,000) The ticket jackets are provided with each order to hold the tickets safely. The purchaser will see your message at both the time of sale and prior to attending the event. The ticket jacket is an excellent opportunity to attract the purchaser to your business with discounts or other promotions. Deadline to advertise for this is April each year.

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