BlindSquare Indoor Navigation


The Sanderson Centre is proud to be the first performing arts centre in the world to offer BlindSquare indoor navigation and awareness services to our patrons with vision loss. This new service uses BlindSquare's bluetooth based "Beacon Positioning System" and has been funded by the generous support of the Sanderson Centre Foundation.

Persons with the BlindSquare app or with the free BlindSquare event app can now use their iOS devices to receive navigation messages through bluetooth beacons located throughout the theatre's public areas.

To access this service, please ensure you have downloaded one of the BlindSquare apps to your device and have turned on bluetooth. Download links are available below. Helpful hints for use of the system are included following the download links.

Software downloads

 Click to download BlindSquare Application in the app store:  Download full BlindSquare app

Click to download the location restricted free BlindSquare Event application in the app store:Download Free BlindSquare Event app


Tips for making the most of BlindSquare indoor features:

  • BlindSquare is not intended to replace your navigation skills and methods. Obstacle and hazard avoidance techniques are still required.
  • Due to the possibility of high ambient noise in our public areas, we recommend earbuds or headsets be used.
  • Messages at each beacon are designed to be relevant for you based on the direction you are travelling. In order to improve reliability, keep your device oriented in the same direction as much as possible so the device's compass can provide an accurate reading.We recommend you calibrate your device compass by using the phrase "Open Compass" to Siri and then hold your phone horizontally and slowly tilt the phone in a circular pattern while rotating it. This should take approximately 5-7 seconds.
  • Beacons send signals four times per second. If you are travelling quickly, the application may not react until you have passed a beacon.
  • There are numerous beacons in some areas and you may receive messages from beacons farther away from your location that can be confusing. This is a known issue with the software and we hope to have it corrected in a future release. If you become disoriented or confused, you can shake the device to have it provide messages from the nearest beacon to your position. These messages will list all possible messages for that location and will provide north, south, east and west directions. For your reference, entering the Dalhousie St. entrance moving toward the theatre auditorium is north.
  • In some locations - the front entrance, washrooms and auditorium entrances - additional information is available. When you hear a tone at the end of the message, shake the device for the secondary message to play.
  • When using the app indoors, you may be distracted by BlindSquare searching for other businesses and providing GPS related information. To reduce these messages change your "Filter Announcements" setting from the main menu to "None". This will not affect ibeacon messages.
  • The BlindSquare app uses data on your device. When in the building's public areas, free wifi is available. Look for hotspot "SandersonGuest" If prompted for a password, please enter "coolshows" in lowercase with no spaces.
  • If you opened the app a significant distance from the theatre, the app may not have downloaded the beacon messages in an effort to reduce network usage and memory storage on your device. If you are not hearing messages, please close the app and re-launch it in order for the app to update its localized content.

If you would like assistance using the app, please ask an usher for help. You can also call our theatre manager at 519-752-9910 x5029 to make an appointment before your visit to come in and explore both the theatre and app at a mutually convenient time.

As one of the first large scale installations of this technology in North America, we expect to continue to introduce new and improved functions and features as the application and technology continues to be developed. Please check back here regularly for updates.